The Art of Conscious Relationship

Most people’s deepest desire is to have love, connection and passion, yet most of us fill our lives up with busyness and distraction. This takes our awareness away from the fact that we feel something is missing – deep emotional connection. It’s too easy to become so familiar with our partner that we stop treating them with the respect and love they deserve and begin wanting something different. So…….

  • Is Love important in your relationship?
  • Is Connection important in your relationship?
  • Is Sex important in your relationship?
  • Do you long to feel deeply in love?
  • Do you long to spend hours exploring fulfilling, sensual and tender love making?
  • Do you want juicy, passionate, mind-blowing sex?
  • Would you love to have clear communication and deep understanding with your partner?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions then we have the solution.

No matter whether you have been together for years or are just at the beginning of your journey – there are some simple steps that will enable your relationship to be fresh, exciting, fulfilling and full of passionate love.

We teach simple and effective ways to transform the relationship that you are in now into the relationship of your wildest dreams – the adventure of a lifetime.

We run fun experiential programs introducing you to powerful methods and techniques to transform your relationship integrating tried and tested practices taken from ancient and modern wisdom from around the world

Our teachings are simple yet deeply profound – we know this to be true because we live them.

We offer 1-1s, workshops and retreats.

N.B. We only work with couples who like each other and want to take their relating to the next levels – we are not couple’s counselors.


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