Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will the session/event do for us as a couple?
A: We guide you through exercises that deepen your love and connection, showing you how to be more present and appreciative, to enjoy passionate sex and tender love-making, to understand each other and be understood, to cultivate trust, and feel valued and significant.
Q: Are Living in Love programs the same as Counseling or Therapy?
A: Not in their classical sense. Living in Love programs are designed to enhance ones relationship by teaching couples skills and techniques to cultivate understanding, acceptance and communication, relationship deepening skills, and a host of other useful tips and insights. However, some couples who are involved in individual or joint counseling make the decision to attend our programs as a way to gain additional communication skills and ways to become more intimately connected. In this case they do so with the understanding that the programs can enhance their relationship therapy and not replace it. Some however find they no longer feel the need for therapy once integrating the practices we teach.
Q: Who attends Living in Love events?
Couples of all ages attend and enjoy these programs.
Typically, their relationship is relatively good, committed and their is a willingness to explore something new. There may be some sexual concerns or other typical relationship challenges.
Couples may have just started on their journey together or may have been together for years.
Some just want a weekend focused completely on them and their relationship away from the children and to add new ways of relating into their every day lives.
If you want to know if it is suitable for you please contact us and we can go into this in more depth.
Q: Can singles or same-sex couples attend?
A: The programs are designed for couples but in the future we plan to run retreats for singles.
Yes same sex couples are welcome.
Q: Is there public nudity?
A: There is no public nudity on workshops – our Living in Love Retreats will have some nudity and the love making exercises are explored in private in your own rooms.  You only work with your partner and much of the practice will be done in the privacy of your own room.
Q: Will you offer a Living in love retreat in our area?
A: If you can organize a group of 6 or more couples who would like to experience this type of weekend, please contact us and we will make it possible.
Q: What if we don’t want to come to a group event or can’t make your scheduled dates?
A: We also offer private retreats for couples which can be catered more for your personal situation. A private cottage and food are included in the price with 3 days of us both working with you together and separately. Or you can organize a group of 6 or more couples who would like to experience this type of weekend and we will come to you. Please contact us and we will make it possible.
Q: How will I know when other dates & locations are added?
A: Sign up for Kalindi’s newsletter at and we will keep you updated. If you have any questions please call us on 07979 342 121
or email