Our vision

Our vision is for couples to live in dynamic conscious relationship with themselves, each other and their surroundings. Our passion is to show people that it is possible to flow through life deepening in understanding of our fundamental extraordinary nature. We love to share the ways that we have learned, discovered and created that have shone light on our ignorance and brought us peace within our suffering.

What is Conscious Relationship?

A conscious relationship involves many crucial factors: Love, intimacy, connection, variety, sex, growth, openness, honesty, certainty, trust, significance, boundaries.

  • Intimacy begins with the self. We explore what true intimacy really is, and how to be intimate with the chaos of life whilst remaining in the wonder of the moment.
  • Conscious love making has the potential to take you both to profound states of love, connection, variety and ecstasy. This creates freshness and opens you up to new possibilities for you each to grow in your relationship.
  • Openness and honesty with one’s feelings prevents misinterpretation and judgement building up and creating dysfunction. Clear open communication creates a healthy flow of understanding and deeper acceptance of each other, it is the foundation for trust.
  • Identifying your relationship boundaries – finding clarity in what drives you as individuals and in your relationship. What boundaries have you unconsciously or consciously chosen as the container for your lives together.
  • If we become over familiar with our loved ones then we overlook the value and significance that they bring to us. When we look at each other with new eyes and not as the sum of past experience then we celebrate each others uniqueness and we open ourselves to profound gratitude.