Retreat programs

We deliver our training in the form of  3 month Tantric Development Programs (TDP). We teach three different levels of TDP. Each program begins with a three day residential retreat where we set the theme and framework of the program and take you through a series of exercises and techniques that you will take away and explore in the following months. You will receive a workbook to guide you deeper and deeper through the development program. Our retreats are kept small to enable maximum contact with students and teachers. The TDP includes a monthly Skype session which is for Q&A  and for the couple to give us feedback so that we can tweak their practices if need be.

Three month home study Relationship Development Program includes:

  • Luxury 3 day all inclusive residential retreat
  • Stunning UK locations in exclusive country house setting
  • Thursday evenings to Sunday afternoons
  • Experiential, fun and transformational
  • Private and confidential
  • Small groups – minimum 5 couples to maximum 12 couples
  • In depth Tantric Development Program workbook – tailored to your journey
  • 3 x 1 monthly 60 minute Skype follow up training / development sessions
  • 10% discount on any extra private training or bodywork sessions
  • Exclusive membership to our private network – so you can stay in touch with us and connect with other couples who are on this journey

Level 1: Opening to Love & Intimacy within Relationship

bigstock-Pink-Water-Lilly-33371720In this retreat we introduce you to another way of relating with each other. We share practical techniques that you can integrate into your daily life to bring about clearer, open communication and understanding. We explore fundamental psychological, physical and energetic processes to introduce powerful methods of sexual alchemy. No matter what experience you have in the sacred arts everybody begins with our Level 1 – to think you know the basics of life is to miss the point of life – when we give up the need to be right or clever then we are open and free to learn and have fun.

Level 2: Deepening in Love & Intimacy within Relationship

Once the foundation of level one is integrated we take you deeper into the mysteries of relating, intimacy and sexuality. Learning more advanced practices and techniques using breath, awareness and cultivating, expanding and moving sexual energy. We also take you much deeper into some of the practices that you learned in level 1. We look closer into relationship dynamics, beliefs and myths and explore how you can vision a fulfilling and holistic model of relationship for you to create with your partner.

Level 3: Uniting Love & Intimacy within Relationship

This is for those who are using the principals and processes set out in the first two courses we can share our deeper Sexual Alchemy practices and teach you our beautiful system of Sacred Intimate Bodywork. This offers a way to completely relax and open the whole body to it’s fullest sensual capacity, taking pleasure to an entirely new level. We also look at the therapeutic value of Sacred Intimate Bodywork as a tool for sexual healing – further training can be taken with us if this is an avenue that you wish to explore.

Any of these levels can be attended again and again as your own practice deepens so does your insight. Although the core content within a particular level remains the same there is always deeper understanding to embody.

Private couple’s program

We also offer the above Retreats and programs to individual couples – these are bespoke and are specifically designed for the couple. They begin with us sending a thorough questionnaire for you to fill in so that we can fully understand your situation, needs and desires. Once we have this information we will arrange a Skype or telephone conversation with you to discuss the finer details and come up with a program to suit you. Our private couple’s Relationship Development Program retreats can be held during the week or over a long weekend and include six Skype support and development sessions.

These are either at a privately rented venue in Somerset or at a location of your choice. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Private couples sessions

We offer the opportunity for couples to have private training sessions with us. Contact us to discuss your requirements.